Carrifran valley (image by David Geddes)

About Carrifran Wildwood

Aerial shot of Carrifran valley (Image by Pete and Viv Reynolds, Capreolus Wildlife Consultancy)

Carrifran, a magnificent 1600 acre ice-carved valley in the Moffat Hills

Carrifran Wildwood is a bold initiative in ecological restoration, spearheaded by a group of friends in southern Scotland and with over 1000 major supporters across the UK and overseas. The project was set up to demonstrate that in a world awash with problems, we need not sit back and wring our hands. A visionary local scheme could provide both a symbol of the power of individuals to reverse environmental degradation and an inspiration for others to make even bolder efforts.

Since buying the valley by public subscription on Millennium Day, Wildwood supporters have been working to recreate an extensive tract of wild and largely wooded land, evoking the pristine countryside of six thousand years ago. The level of human intervention will be gradually reduced as the Wildwood gains its own momentum and becomes a functioning natural ecosytem. With the passage of the decades and centuries, Carrifran will increasingly provide a haven for a rich array of native Scottish plants and animals, long excluded from these denuded hills.

To learn more, read about what we have achieved.