Carrifran valley (image by David Geddes)

Carrifran Wildwood, BFT and the John Muir Trust

Holly Gill waterfall in autumn

Carrifran Wildwood is owned by Borders Forest Trust (BFT), a formally registered charity with elected Trustees. On 1st January 2000 BFT bought Carrifran and restoration began at once, with 100 people planting trees on that first day.

Several of the BFT Trustees are actively involved in the Wildwood project and BFT staff have provided essential backup to the Wildwood Group volunteers, both during the original fundraising campaign and subsequently. Scottish Natural Heritage provided most of the funding (including one year full-time) for a Project Officer to manage operations on the site, as a member of BFT staff.

Before Carrifran was purchased the Wildwood Group initiated an informal partnership between Borders Forest Trust and the John Muir Trust. BFT was a young and little-known organisation at the time when fundraising for purchase of Carrifran was under way and the association with JMT helped to establish confidence in the project. Many members of JMT have contributed generously to the Foundership and Stewardship appeals, and co-operation between BFT and JMT has continued over the years.

The management of the Wildwood project is explained on the Organisation page.

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