Carrifran valley (image by David Geddes)

Management Plan

Surviving hawthorn on TodcastlesThe Management Plan describes the plan for woodland restoration at Carrifran in October 2000. It represents the fourth main version of a document which was begun some three years previously.

There are also a number of appendices to the management plan which should be used to cross reference the data.

Finally, the following 10 associated figures should also be referenced for additional clarity (click on any image to see a larger version):

Figure 1: Drift geology

Solid geology

Figure 2: Solid geology

Archaeology map

Figure 3: Archaeology

NVC map

Figure 4: NVC map

ESC map

Figure 5: ESC map

Soil map

Figure 6: Soil map

Planting plan

Figure 7: Planting plan

Compartment map

Figure 8: Compartment map

Fence lines

Figure 9: Fence lines

Site map

Figure 10: Site map

Note that Figure 7 illustrates the planting plan as described in the submission to the Forestry Commission for Woodland Grant Scheme (WGS) support, October 1999. This was subsequently amended slightly in response to comments from the Forestry Commission, principally to include additional open ground along the valley bottom.