Carrifran valley (image by David Geddes)

What we have achieved

Young Holly tree

During our first decade of work we planted over half a million trees, establishing young woodland in most of the lower half of the valley. Starting in spring 2007 we have also planted thousands of shrubs and trees each year in the hanging valley of Firth Hope, high above the main waterfall. Eventually, this will lead to development of one of the very few extensive areas of treeline woodland and montane scrub in Britain. Refer to the montane restoration data for more information.

Most of the plateau above the main valley of Carrifran will be allowed to return to its original state more gradually, mainly by natural regeneration, but we have already initiated the creation of a beautiful, natural-looking and functioning woodland ecosystem, which is becoming home to a wide variety of wildlife and an inspiration to human visitors.

Davy Cairns (who has probably planted more trees at Carrifran than anyone else) planting above Moffatdale

Planting by Contractors

Out of the more than half a million trees now established at Carrifran, about 75,000 have been planted by volunteers, including many of those in the highest and most difficult places. The rest of the main planting, however, was done by our dedicated contractors. These were individuals or members of small companies, who came back to work for us year after year and were thus an integral part of the Wildwood project. They were prepared to work high up on Carrifran through the winter, probably meeting tougher conditions than any other tree planters in Britain, and we are deeply grateful to them.

Here is a short summary of the planting in Carrifran valley:

Total area planted: 300 hectares (~740 acres)
Number of trees planted: 453,000

Number of trees and shrubs planted: >500,000

Several thousand trees are still being planted annually by volunteers, mainly around the rim of the valley.

For a more detailed breakdown on this and other work in progress, please refer to the Woodland restoration page.

To see exactly where the planting has taken place, we refer you to the Carrifran Site Map when viewing the Restoration data.

If you would like to learn more about ecological restoration and the challenge of establishing trees at Carrifran, refer to the Ecological Restoration page. For a more in-depth understanding of the planting techniques, refer to the Silviculture page.