Carrifran valley (image by David Geddes)

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Men of the trees

Carrifran valley was purchased for 400,000 by Borders Forest Trust (BFT) without the use of any public money (learn more about the Founders of Carrifran Wildwood). The ongoing restoration work at Carrifran will eventually cost roughly twice as much as the land purchase. The project still depends on financial donations from private individuals.

If you wish to have a stake in this unique enterprise, helping to ensure that Carrifran valley is restored and cherished, we encourage you to download the donation form and either make a one-off gift or set up a regular payment. If you are able to give 250, 500 or more, you can establish a Stewardship of Carrifran Wildwood. This can be in your own name, or you can establish a Stewardship as a gift for someone else, or in memoriam. We are also most grateful for regular monthly or annual payments, or smaller one-off donations, since all of these add up to substantial funding over the years.

A comprehensive and engaging account of the Wildwood project has recently been published under the title: “The Carrifran Wildwood Story: ecological restoration from the grass roots” by Myrtle and Philip Ashmole with members of the Wildwood Group. The book was written and produced by volunteers and is sold in aid of the project. Learn more on the Purchase the Carrifran Wildwood Story page.