Carrifran valley (image by David Geddes)


Refreshments after the sponsored walk, 2007

At Carrifran we take great pride in the fact that tens of thousands of trees (including one tenth of the first half-million) have been planted by volunteers, and that many of these are in the most remote parts of the site. In future we expect that volunteers will be able to do all of the required planting.

Planting days are great opportunities to meet other supporters of the Wildwood and have a good day out with volunteers of all ages. The commitment and enthusiasm shown on these days is an example to us all and demonstrates the strength of our grass-roots support, as well as saving many thousands of pounds.

There are four main ways you can get involved in volunteering at Carrifran:

  1. Volunteer planting days
  2. Tuesday volunteers
  3. Boundary Wardens
  4. High Planting Camps